Monday, October 19, 2015

Google Certified Educator

I was fortunate enough to become a Google Certified Educator in the Spring 2015 through a cohort sponsored by my school division and Lord Fairfax Community College. In the cohort, we met, learned GAFE tips and tricks, and then took the exams. It was a great way to become certified, build my PLN, and learn even more about GAFE.

After the cohort ended, Google for Education introduced the new certifications - Google Certified Educator Level I and Google Certified Educator Level II. Being one who does not like to let the grass grow under my feet, I immediately began preparing for the new certification exams. These exams are completely different than the previous exams which were strictly multiple choice and no skills demonstration/application. With the new exams, Google actually wants to see if educators know how to integrate the tools in the classroom and how to use each of the applications. The new exams are three hours long and trust me, you will want to take the entire three hours!

To help prepare for the exams here are some great resources that you should check out:

Google Educator Certification

EdTech Team Google Certification Resources

Google for Education Certification

I am definitely open to sharing my experiences and testing strategies and tips. Good luck in your certification quest!

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